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Super Typhoon Haiyan hits Palau


Super Typhoon Haiyan pounded Palau and parts of Micronesia early Thursday morning, packing winds of up to 250 kilometres per hour.



Emergency crews have been sent to Kayangel, the northernmost state of Palau, to assess the damage after this super typhoon struck overnight.


Kayangel is located 24 kilometres away from Koror, and was in the eye of the typhoon.





A helicopter pilot who flew to Kayangel on Thursday afternoon reported the island had received major damage to structures and trees, the Palau National Emergency Committee (NEC) said.


Most of the people living on Kayangel had ignored a mandatory evacuation order ahead of the storm.


All 69 residents on the island have now been accounted for and had no significant injuries.


"Another helicopter has been dispatched to provide any needed medical treatment and to supply the people with food, water and shelter until they can be evacuated," it added in a statement.


The government says assessments are ongoing, with the Bureau of Public Health reporting no fatalities from the storm.


However, it says many homes have been destroyed or damaged, especially in the northern states and the populated districts of Koror. 


Koror, Babeldaob and Kayangel is without power and some areas are without water.


The Government of Palau has declared National State of Emergency and solicits from concerned partners any form of support and/or assistance to speed-up the recovery efforts now being conducted between the Government and affected communities of the Republic of Palau.


The VRT has added an article/blog on its website dedicated to the passing of Haiyan over Palau: