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May 5th, Senior Citizens' Day


Palau’s Senior Citizens’ Day: May 5



Palau celebrates Senior Citizen’s Day on the 5th of May every year. The holiday aims to recognize the important role played by the old folks when they were still young. Palau citizens believe that how the young treat its old citizens is a reflection of their culture and their personal values.

Palau is one of the few countries in the world with comprehensive programs on the welfare of old citizens. It dedicates this holiday to people whose age fall from 55 and up.

Palau also provides trips to Airai, Ngardmau, and Melekeok, for senior citizens during the celebration. The holiday is a clear indication that Palau’s culture shows appreciation and value to the elders and that the bonds between the elderly and the youth is still strong and that the seniors are the clear link to Palau’s national heritage and traditions.

During Senior Citizens’ Day, local dance performances from seniors and children are held along with handicraft exhibitions. Parades with colorful floats are common in streets during the holiday with senior citizen contingents coming different sectors of society.

It is also during this time when the government announces important projects or laws pertaining to this sector and reports on the many developments for the welfare of its senior citizens. Local governments invite key senior citizens in the region for seminars, and luncheons.

Senior Citizens’ Day is a public holiday; it is a work-free day and government offices including the congress are closed.