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March 15th, Youth Day


Palau’s Youth Day: March 15




Youth Day is a public holiday in Palau.

Youth Day is one of the most important holiday celebrations in the island nation Palau. The country celebrates the holiday every year on the 15th of March.


History of Palau’s Youth Day

The institution of Youth Day in Palau was based on the call to integrate the youth in public service early on in order to help them become better decision-makers in the future and to create a reservoir of highly-intellectual pool of educated men in the country. To formally recognize this cause, a national holiday is set aside to celebrate the role of youth in shaping Palau society and government – Palau Youth Day which is celebrated every 15th of March.


Palau’s Youth Day: Traditions, Customs and Activities

Youth Day is a work-free holiday in Palau. Government offices and establishments including the education sector also close during the occasion.

The government may hold awarding ceremony to honor young people who have made valuable contributions to their immediate community or the entire country as a whole. Government projects made towards the improvement of services provided to the youth are also revealed during this date.

Various government agencies usually coordinate with various youth non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for any other plans to be made during the holiday and coordinate with youth leaders for various projects where their assistance is required.