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Article newspaper 'Gazet van Antwerpen' Palau-Guam 14
New staff member of consulate 39
July 9th, Constitution Day 4195
A Destination of a Lifetime 103
Visit of CCA to The Antwerp Port House 100
5 years Palau represented in Belgium 469
Reception hosted by Russian Ambassador 142
Spring Reception CCA 169
June 1st, President's Day 1086
May 29th, Memorial Day 3362
May 5th, Senior Citizens' Day 4722
Six new flags for the Consulate-General 160
Fantastic antique engraving Palau 137
Happy Easter 473
Launching website Consular Corps of Antwerp 165
Presentation website Consular Corps Antwerp 184
March 15th, Youth Day 3336
'Being a Palauan' by H.G. Barnett. 187
Network event in Brasschaat (Belgium) 236
Two Belgian students are representing Palau at the MUN 272
Winter fun in Palau! 275
Best Wishes 2017 633
1000 likes on our Facebook Page! 290
November 24th, Thanksgiving Day 3653
Incumbent President Remengesau elected to a second term 375
October 24th, United Nations Day 3740
Dinner with Military Commander of Antwerp 364
October 1st, Independence Day 3964
Dinner on board of the Amerigo Vespucci 576
Annual Service of Remembrance Cromwell Tank 375
September 5th, Labor Day 902
Reception hosted by Consul-General of Morocco 398
Tall Ships Races reception hosted by Dutch Consul-General 407
HE Amb. Uludong visits the consulate-general 436
Farewell reception Dean Consular Corps Antwerp 417
A man with a special relationship with The Republic of Palau 421
Art Walk at the Consulate-General of Palau 440
Visit to the HCG of Palau to The Netherlands 493
Gastronomic dinner hosted by Consul-General of Congo 434
Palau represented at King's Day (The Netherlands) 385
Member of The Committee of the Antwerp Consular Corps 395
Brussels attacks ... 3 days of national mourning ... Respect to the victims 386
Palau vs. the Poachers - The New York Times Magazine 445
Farewell dinner Consul of Spain at The Rubens House 422
Palau on Belgian television in prime time (Paris Climate Deal). 485
Short stay waiver visa agreement between EU and Palau 623
Lonely Planet's: best countries to visit in 2016 720
Palau represented at World Animal Day 504
Remembrance Victims Pacific War 489
Meeting with Ambassadors US and Japan 527
Meeting with Flemish Minister for Tourism Ben Weyts 480
The countries most crowded with tourists: Palau wins bronze medal! 554
President Tusk receives Ambassador Uludong's letters of credentials 636
New Palauan Ambassador to the EU 549
Visit to BlueTEC tidal energy platform near Texel 541
Annual meeting of the Belgian and Dutch consuls in Antwerp 496
Diplomatic visit to d'Ieteren Gallery 559
Palau represented at High Level Dialogue on Decent Work (ACP-EU-ILO) 549
Palauan visit to the Consulate-General of Palau in Belgium! 567
Private meeting with HE Pascal Grégoire, Deputy Head of Protocol, at the Egmont Palace (Brussels). 611
Knack Weekend Magazine: How to choose your next travel destination? 535
First time snow in ... Palau? 616
Fantastic dinner at Turkish consulate-general 626
Opening Winter Festival in Antwerp 631
Palau at EU-ACP-CTA Meeting (Brussels): 'Fighting against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing' 584
Cromwell Tank, 70th annual ceremony Liberation of Antwerp ... with Palau! 762
2014 Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting 937
From now on online Travel Advice Palau by Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs 719
Flag of Palau at Antwerp City Hall 2055
Private meeting with HE Nicolas de La Grandville, Chief of Protocol European Commission 1296
Private meeting with HE Tommy Remengesau Jr., President of Palau 775
Toluk gift from Bilung Gloria G. Salii, Queen of Palau to my spouse. 1238
Meeting with HE Tommy Remengesau Jr., President of Palau ... on the beach. 773
Private meeting with Billy G. Kuartei, Minister of State 807
The newspaper 'Gazet van Antwerpen' published an article about my special relationship with Palau 840
Caritas International Belgium donates $5200 USD to Bethania High School (Palau) 728
An Account of the Pelew Islands - First Edition 1788 772
Palau's waters to become the world's largest marine sanctuary 750
Brasschaat donates $2500 USD to Palau (Haiyan Relief Fund) 1754
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 3413
Super Typhoon Haiyan hits Palau 2496
Meeting with HE Herman Van Rompuy, President of European Council 2341
Rev. Billy Kuartei is the new Minister of State 5404
Belgian Consular Union visits European Parliament Brussels 2726
School Project 2013 Palau - Belgium 2925
Meeting with Mayor Jan Jambon from Brasschaat 3092
Consulate Palau on website Belgian Embassy in Manila 3046
Meeting with HM Bilung Gloria, Queen of Koror (Palau) and HE Carlos Hiros Salii, Palauan Ambassador to the EU and Germany 5069
Typhoon Bopha hits Palau 3170
Consulate Palau on website Brasschaat 3244
Meetings with HE Arif Havas Oegroseno, Ambassador of Indonesia 3944
Former President Tommy Remengesau Jr. again elected as President of Palau 5412
Presidential campaign enters final days 3416
Palau attends ACP-EU meeting in Brussels 3657
Belgian Consular Union visits Maasvlakte 2 3390
Brasschaat welcomes Honorary Consulate of Palau 3634
Proud Palau - Olympic Opening Ceremony 3543
Palau Makes World Heritage List 3553
Team Palau London Olympic Games 4131
Palau Airways' Inaugural Flight from Taiwan 3586